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  CIRCUIT CREATOR TUTOR - Schematic & PCB Design

Download Free Creator DemoCircuit CREATOR Electronics CAE System provides the most complete and high performance solution for electronics design using personal computers. Includes full Schematic Design and Capture, Circuit Simulator, full interactive Symbol Editor, professional Printed Circuit Board Design and Layout, and Automatic Routing. All in a Single – Integrated – Complete Product for an affordable price.

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Now Shipping With Circuit SpiceCreator -- Circuit Simulator

  EZ-MICRO ADVANCED - Microprocessor Design Course

America's first and only complete microprocessor design course. Now available for community colleges, colleges and universities. The easy and affordable way to make a microprocessor design course part of your engineering curriculum. The advanced course is based on the Motorola and Intel microcontroller.

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  EZ-DSP - Digital Signal Processing Design Course

AMS's EZ-DSP Tutor is an easy to implement Digital Signal Processing course. The courseware program includes software, DSP main board, lab board, comprehensive workbook for student and instructor's manual. The course is based on the Texas Instrument's DSP processor. EZ-DSP Tutor course is an ideal engineering curriculum as an introductory course. It teaches the fundamentals of digital signal processor, it architecture and programming. EZ-DSP Tutor also covers digital signal processing and applications in great detail.

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